ERRA purchases and releases Walleye fingerlings every two years during the fall into the Elkhart River.  Approximately 2,000 6″ – 10″ fingerlings are released below the Goshen Dam at the Shanklin Park boat ramp.  Approximately 1,250 additional fingerlings are released above the Goshen Dam at the Violet Cemetery boat ramp.  The quantity of release will provide about 10 fish per acre of water.

The fingerlings are purchased from Gollon Bait & Fish Farm in Dodgeville, WI.  See more information provided by Gollon below.

Getting in position to release the Walleye
Releasing the Walleye fingerlings
A 2+ year old Walleye caught in the river
5117 Hwy 191
Dodgeville, WI 53533


Average Life span: 8 plus years
Average Mature Length: 25 plus inches
Average Adult Weight: 4-7 pounds

Walleye do well in cooler deeper water. They do better in a 2 acre or larger water body.

Walleye spawn once per year in early to mid April when water temperatures reach 40-45 degrees. They have very limited natural reproduction.

The young walleye feed on zooplankton until they reach 1 ½-2 inches and then switch to live feed. They will feed on small fatheads, small bluegills, perch, or anything else small enough to eat. They generally feed in the early morning or late evening.

They are a good choice for keeping the panfish population in check.

Stocking fatheads is an excellent forage option for walleye

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