Upper Elkhart River Grant

Lower Elkhart River Grant

Invasive Species

An invasive species is a species that is: Non-native to the ecosystem and whose introduction causes or may cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health. Invasive species can be plants, animals, and other organisms including microbes. There are many invasive plants and animals in the Elkhart River Watershed.


Wetlands are some of the most valuable ecosystems on Earth. They act like giant sponges or reservoirs. During heavy rains, wetlands absorb excess water, limiting the effects of flooding.

Walleye Stocking

Since 2014 ERRA has been stocking Walleye in the Elkhart River on a biennial schedule. Walleye are a native species that needs help to maintain a large enough population to benefit the watershed. Click the "Learn More" button to find out more about Walleye and where they are stocked.

ERRA History

The Elkhart River Restoration Association, Inc. was founded in 1983 to study the needs of the Elkhart River and its watershed. As a 501 C-3 not-for-profit corporation, the association works with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, the Army Corp. of Engineers, and local officials to improve the river. The Association helps to identify the various needs along the river, informs officials, seeks to make the river a public priority, and assists in the planning of cleanup and repair projects.
Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the river for fishing, boating, and its natural wildlife and beauty.

Mission Statement

To provide a clean environment for wildlife and community recreation within the Elkhart River watershed.

ERRA Directors

ERRA is governed by a nine (9) member board of directors.  Directors are chosen each year at the September Annual Membership Meeting.  The present Directors are:
  • Jonathan Schramm – President
  • Paul Steury – Vice President
  • Jason Kauffman – Secretary
  • David Troup – Treasurer
  • Nancy Brown – Director
  • Diana Castell – Director
  • Jim Hess – Director
  • Bill Rieth – Director
  • Diann Scott – Director

Event Calendar

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Upcoming Events - 2024

Director Meetings

August 12, 2024
6:00 PM Zoom meeting.
The Publlic is welcome to attend but will need the Zoom link. Please email Jonathan. (see footer)

September (TBD) 2024; Annual Membership Meeting

November 12, 2024

Walleye Stocking

The next Walleye stocking is scheduled for September or October 2024. Watch for more information.

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